2006 Cannes Film Festival | Day 11

May 28, 2006 0

Pete Timmermann reporting live from the 2006 Cannes Film Festival in France. This is Pete’s last entry in the series. Look for a wrapup in the July issue of PLAYBACK:stl. Read all entries 

2006 Cannes Film Festival | Day 8

May 24, 2006 0

Pete Timmermann reports from the Cannes Film Festival in France: Something tells me that this diary entry will be less coherent than the others, whose coherence is questionable enough as it is.  

Cars (Buena Vista, G)

May 24, 2006 0

Still, out of large hunks of cartoon metal and plastic, the makers of Cars have managed to fashion wildly creative and expressive car-creatures, where grills stand in for mustaches, and Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t just drive […]

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