SXSW 2006 | Our Round-up of Austin’s Best

February 28, 2006 0

The tradition continues as PLAYBACK:stl heads down to Austin, TX for one of the year’s biggest festivals. We interview more than 20 bands who are playing there including Elbow, Ladytron, the Cribs, Bluebottle Kiss, and […]

The Rabbi’s Cat (Pantheon)

February 27, 2006 0

We’ve all wondered if the intelligent eyes of a cat are capable of picking up on the subtleties of human interaction. Here, the cat adores the rabbi, but questions his impractical service to the Shabbat […]

All Star Superman #1-2 (DC Comics)

February 27, 2006 0

Grant Morrison, showing himself to be in top form, tosses brilliant ideas around like a crazed lumberjack at ESPN’s Outdoor Games.    

Jonathan Ames | I Love You More Than You Know

February 27, 2006 0

Outside of woes about his body, Ames concentrates a lot on sexual matters, some involving his fascination—and rumored past dalliances—with transvestites. He touts himself as a mildly perverted young man, and most of the pieces […]

Three to See | 03.06

February 27, 2006 0

Soul Descenders | Soul Descenders is something of a misnomer; its members do not actually play soul music. They play heavy metal, and they play it well. What’s amazing about this band is not so […]

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