Regime Change | Jeph Loeb’s move to Marvel

September 30, 2005 0

After announcing at Wizard World Chicago 2005 that he was jumping from DC to Marvel, superstar writer Jeph Loeb catches us up on the end of his runs on Supergirl and Superman/Batman and his upcoming work […]

Augustana: All the Stars and Boulevards (Epic)

September 25, 2005 0

The beauty of their music is that they don’t stray too far from their original formula—each song is just different enough from the previous that it sounds like the band has created a musical “collection”; […]

Decompartmentalizing Bob Mould

September 1, 2005 0

"I just pretty much started writing everything fresh, on electric guitar and incorporating a lot of grooves I had. I sort of started reconciling my disdain for my own stuff."

9 Songs (Tartan Films USA, NR)

September 1, 2005 0

I’m not so sure about what he was trying for with his new film, 9 Songs, which is essentially an arthouse-approved porn film.