Three To See

December 2, 2002 0

The St. Louis music scene has many great bands to check out; here are just a few that play around the area on a regular basis that are worth seeing.  

Cash Dividend

December 1, 2002 0

Something like a smile curls his lips, and his gaze, in its focus, borders on the ferocious. He has mad eyes, in fact, and that’s apt, really, because he is mad, mad about music, a […]

Ready Or Not, Here Comes OK GO

November 30, 2002 0

For once, here’s a band who’s worth the hype. All four members of OK Go—Damian Kulash on lead vocals/guitar, Tim Nordwind on bass, Dan Konopka on drums, and Andy Duncan on guitar—are having a blast […]

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

October 5, 2002 0

 (DVD Release, Dream Works Home Entertainment) In Steven Spielberg's cinematic masterpiece, Schindler's List, a man searches desperately for his own humanity amid the nightmarish turmoil of Nazi Germany, a culture in which his fellow humans […]

The State of Hip Hop 2002: Pt. 1, the DJ

September 30, 2002 0

If hip hop music were a body, then the DJ would most certainly be the spine, holding its constituents upright and sending signals to the rest of the body. Since the birth ofhip hop in […]

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